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The Indestructible Man was the sixty-seventh novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Simon Messingham, released 1 November 2004 and featured the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot.

This was Messingham's third and final contribution to the Past Doctor Adventures range.

Publisher's summary[]

The Myloki. Mysterious aliens from beyond Space and Time.

Their target: EARTH.

The human defenders of PRISM are enmeshed in a doomed interstellar war against an unknowable invader armed with the power to possess, duplicate and destroy from within.

Only one man stands in their way. A man destiny has made indestructible.

Against all the odds the legendary Indestructible Man saves the Earth but victory comes at the highest price. The world economy collapses, governments crumble and PRISM itself is torn apart by a best-selling exposé.

AD 2096: PRISM has gone underground, becoming the clandestine SILOET headed by new commander Hal Bishop.

Bishop receives an urgent summons to his headquarters. An infiltrator has been unmasked and captured in the heart of SILOET itself. Fatally wounded, the infiltrator makes a miraculous recovery. It appears he is indestructible.

The implications are terrifying.

The Myloki may just have returned. And who is left to stop them now?


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Food and beverages[]

  • The Doctor cheerfully consumes tea, biscuits, sandwiches and a full roast dinner while recovering. Whilst visiting Barbados, he discovers that he likes peppered grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves. He eats a dish containing shrimp and fresh vegetables prepared by Matthews on Sharon Island, followed by eight banana fritters and ice cream.
  • Zoe drinks tea, but dislikes it and can't get used to it. Wine makes her giddy. She eats a spicy linguine in a restaurant with Mark. 


  • Jamie believes the Doctor is actually a robot duplicate until Captain Black attacks the Doctor.
  • Mrs Craig calls the Doctor "Doctor Rip Van Winkle".



An illustrated preview of the comic printed in Doctor Who Magazine issue 350.

  • The novel pays homage to the works of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson. The primary basis is Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and UFO: PRISM, the Myloki and the eponymous Indestructible Man are based on SPECTRUM, the Mysterons and Captain Scarlet, while SILOET and its front as a TV and film company (specifically the BBC and Television Centre) is a homage to SHADO, the agency from UFO. (Since the book was written, the BBC have moved out of Television Centre.) Both SPECTRUM and SHADO were global security agencies handling covert alien incidents, though they were unrelated unlike their homages.
  • PRISM is a successor to "several" anti-alien agencies, including UNIT. While PRISM formed some time before the Myloki contact, old paper documents were still being transferred from UNIT's files to PRISM during the war.
  • Some UNIT paperwork was destroyed to save space - a reference to the destruction of Second Doctor tapes by the BBC.
  • This would be the final novel to feature the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe until the novel The Wheel of Ice in August 2012.
  • An illustrated preview of the comic was printed in Doctor Who Magazine issue 350.


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