The Incredible Hulk Presents #1

The Incredible Hulk Presents was a short-lived weekly children's comic produced in the United Kingdom by Marvel UK in 1989. Amongst other material it contained black and white original Doctor Who strips featuring the Seventh Doctor.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Incredible Hulk Presents was launched on 30 September 1989, with issue #1 bearing a cover date of 7 October 1989, and lasted twelve issues, costing 40p for the entirety of its run. The original intention was for the new comic strips to also be reprinted in Doctor Who Magazine, as Marvel UK did not believe the two audiences would overlap, as The Incredible Hulk Presents was aimed at an audience of younger readers. Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman was opposed as he believed this would interfere with his own attempts to give the DWM strip direction. In the event, only one story was printed in both titles, Hunger from the Ends of Time!. One unpublished strip, Doctor Conkerer! was produced for the unprinted issue #13. It later saw print in Doctor Who Magazine #162.

Other features[edit | edit source]

The Incredible Hulk reprinted stories (all in colour) from Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk stories from the 1970s. Action Force (re-titled for the UK initially, but later G.I. Joe the Action Force) reprinted stories from G.I. Joe: Special Missions. The Indiana Jones feature reprinted Marvel US adaptations of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade before going on to further Indiana Jones adventures.

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