The Importance of Being Earnest was a comedy written by Oscar Wilde in the mid 1890s. Its main character was named Mr Worthing. He was abandoned as a child in a handbag. Lady Bracknell was another of the characters.

The Importance of Being Strax

Aliens from Proscenia possess Rose Leclerq during the premiere performance. (PROSE: The Importance of Being Strax)

It premiered on 14 February 1895. The premiere was attended by the Paternoster Gang (PROSE: The Importance of Being Strax) and the Sixth Doctor. (AUDIO: Assassin in the Limelight) Aliens from Proscenia attempted to use this performance to invade Earth. They possessed Rose Leclerq, the actress playing Bracknell, and used her to psychically send a signal which made all average-intelligence humans laugh uncontrollably. The laughter was meant to signal the aliens' invasion force. Strax stopped the laughter by rendering Leclerq unconscious. For the rest of the premiere performance, Lady Bracknell was played by Strax. (PROSE: The Importance of Being Strax)

When Kája saw the Fifth Doctor in his Edwardian clothing, she asked him if he was "in earnest". When he replied that he was, she asked him when would the show open. (PROSE: Suspension and Disbelief)

Behind the scenes Edit

Suspension and Disbelief spells the title of the play "The Importance of Being Ernest".