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The Hyperion Empire was the sixth story of the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story series published in 2015.


It took everything the Doctor had to defeat a SINGLE Hyperion – a mad and ancient living star that had been sealed away for millennia by the Time Lords. Now Hyperion tombs are opening all across the cosmos, with one awakening on the very edge of the solar system – with vengeance in its heart... How can the Doctor and Clara hope to stop the fury of the Hyperions from consuming Earth?!


Part one[]

On the International Space Station, Cory complains to Jay in Houston about his fellow astronauts singing. An alarm goes off. Quinn tells Major Weir there are two suns in the sky, and one is coming towards them. She tries evasive manoeuvres, but the object follows and collides with the station, destroying it and killing the crew.

In the Lake District, the object lands atop a fisherman's boat in Windermere. Kate Stewart briefs the cabinet, and informs them helicopters have been sent to the area. They find the nearby towns destroyed and the lake completely evaporated, leaving an alien ship. The ship shoots down the helicopters. Ground troops are similarly destroyed. In the briefing room, a signal comes in on all channels: "Hyperios Rises".

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald land in London, but the streets are empty and everything is scorched. Clara doesn't believe they're in 2015 until the Doctor points out the Gherkin and the Shard. At Westminster Abbey, the pair accidentally separate. Clara goes inside, and runs into a man with an axe.

Outside, the Doctor sonics the dust and finds it has human DNA. A medical student points a gun at him, but the Doctor quickly disarms him. All of a sudden, the dust begins to stir, and grabs the student.

Clara sneaks up on the man with the axe and kicks him in the groin. She is attacked by a dust creature, but the man smashes it with the axe. He introduces himself as Sam and tells her about the Scorched, those who were burned first but didn't die.

Back outside, the Doctor faces an army of the Scorched, chanting "Burn!"

Part two[]

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Part three[]

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Part four[]

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