The Hussar was a renegade from House Urquineath, and the reason for the House's bankruptcy and the bloodline's fall from grace. Having gambled away all of the House's stolen assets at Serendipity Keep, the Hussar underwent the Elective Semantectomy to remove his name, and his influence, from his bloodline. With the renegade timeship the Kraken, the Hussar kept himself in areas of historical interference unrelated to the War in Heaven.

When travelling with Anne Bonny, the Hussar and the Kraken were approached by Father Christèmas, who requested their help in stealing the 2nd Second from the Chance Coteries. While seeming to agree, it was revealed that the Hussar was working for Godmother Antigone in her plot to discredit Christèmas and his Bankside operation. Christèmas convinced the Kraken to brutally kill the Hussar, and he used one of the renegade's hearts in his ritual to create a loa.

Christèmas later handed the Hussar's second heart to Cousin Rupert to put in a box. The box was later given to Antigone as a "parting gift." (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

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