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The Human Factor was the second story in the Dalek Empire I audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. It advanced six months from the previous story and covers a period of approximately three additional months, firmly establishing this as the first of Big Finish's stories told over a long period of (in-universe) time.

Publisher's summary[]

The Earth Alliance seems powerless to stop the Dalek invasion of the galaxy.

Enslaved by the Daleks, along with billions of others, Susan Mendes and Kalendorf must find a way to turn the tide against these metallic monsters...

...or the galaxy will be lost forever!


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Astronomical objects[]

  • K5000 is one of Garazone's many moons.
  • Guria is at the edge of the Daleks' advance into the galaxy. It was previously one of the Earth Alliance's largest suppliers of fossil fuels.


  • The Dalek Supreme claims that the Daleks have conquered a thousand planets since their invasion of Mutter's Spiral began six months earlier.
  • Once the top of a Dalek's exterior casing is removed, a message is sent to Garazone Central, alerting the Dalek Supreme.
  • Fifty Robomen were assigned to K5000 by the Daleks. All of them were killed by Morebi and his rebels.


  • When the Daleks invaded Garazone, they killed Morebi's entire family. In order to save his own life, Morebi surrendered, for which he has never forgiven himself.
  • Alby came from a broken home and became involved in crime as a youth in the slums on his homeworld of Proxima Major. He joined the Earth Alliance military as a means of escape but "got into trouble." He was given a reduced sentence since he agreed to work for Earth Security.
  • Alby's legs were blown off when an assault vessel crashes on the Gurian rig to which he and Pellan were brought after being captured by the Daleks. He is given a pair of prosthetic legs.



Titles and offices[]

  • Throughout the galaxy, the human slave labourers refer to Suz as "the Angel of Mercy" as she gives them hope.


  • David Sax (Morebi) is a pseudonym for Nicholas Briggs (the Daleks).
  • The story takes place over the course of approximately three months.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 3 June 2001 at The Moat Studios.
  • This story was originally released on CD. It is now available as download only.


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