The House of Lights was a comic strip story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012.

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The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams are drawn to a house in a village where all of the villagers have been abducted by aliens, the Sceadu. All, that is, except one, a man who lives alone and all year celebrates Christmas with a house and garden full of seasonal lights. The Sceadu are made of anti-photons and can exist only in the dark. While the house remains lighted, they are all safe.

Suddenly the wires are pulled, the lights go out and a Sceadu bursts through the windows to lunge at Rory and the Doctor. Grabbing Amy, the man takes her to the basement, where he has a back-up generator. He reveals himself as the last of the Prin, in hiding from the Sceadu. He fled to Earth when his people were hunted down.

After making their escape from the Sceadu using a Galactic Glitter firework from the Doctor's pocket, Rory and the Doctor join Amy in the cellar. They escape through a tunnel leading to the hidden Prin ship. They leave the pursuing Sceadu trapped inside the Prin ship (which the Doctor had timed to leave the planet). With the Sceadu gone, the Doctor offers the last of the Prin a free trip to a nice little planet, Illuminata, which he thinks the Prin would like.

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  • The comic strip adventures that appeared in the Official Annuals were aimed at a young audience and the artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the annual. The colours were slightly more pastel than in other comics.
  • The Annual strip stories were put together by the same team that prepared comic stories for the BBC's weekly title Doctor Who Adventures.

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