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The House of Kingdom was the third and final story in the audio anthology Dalek Universe 1, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Andrew Smith and featured David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, Jane Slavin as Anya Kingdom and Joe Sims as Mark Seven.

Publisher's summary[]

The Doctor and his friends are trying to locate a scientist to help them on their quest... but an attack on a space-station alters their plans.

Rescued by Anya's grandfather, Merrick, and taken to Neptune, the Doctor and Mark discover her family history. A story of betrayal and loss.

Will the Kingdoms be reconciled? Or are they destined to continue the mistakes of the past?


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  • Merrick was part of a landing party on Skaro.


  • Though the cover art and the website listing credits Nicholas Briggs as playing "The Mechonoids", the spoken credits within the audio drama itself credit him as playing The Mechanoids. Additionally, this 'a' spelling is consistently what is used by the characters too in their pronunication.

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