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The Horror of Flat Holm is the fifth episode of the video game Doctor Who Infinity. It was released for iOS, Android, and PC and Mac computers.

Richard Franklin and Ingrid Oliver returned to voice Mike Yates and Petronella Osgood respectively.

Official synopsis[edit | edit source]

The peculiar nature of the sinking of the Glyndwr had the Brigadier request the assistance of a troop led by Sergeant Benton, along with Captain Mike Yates and zoologist Charlie Guarneri. As luck would have it, the Fourth Doctor was available to join them in their investigation. Years later, UNIT's base on Flat Holm has mysteriously ceased communication and a new mission led by Kate Stewart, accompanied by Petronella Osgood, is called to investigate. As it happens, Charlie Guarneri was a family friend -- Uncle Charlie, who she remembered as a young girl -- but she never found out what happened to him.

The decisions of the past will have repercussions in the present for Kate and Osgood, as the investigate the strange goings on at the military base on the island.

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Writer - Mike Collins

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