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|companions = [[Dodo Chaplet]]
|companions = [[Dodo Chaplet]]
|enemy =
|enemy =
|setting = [[England]]
|setting = [[England]], [[19th century]]
|writer = [[Chris Wing]]
|writer = [[Chris Wing]]
|director =
|director =

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The Horror at Bletchington Station was a Short Trips audio short story read by Stephen Critchlow. It was released as a subscriber-exclusive download, available with subscriptions that included The Peterloo Massacre.


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  • The Doctor tells the landlord Dodo is his granddaughter.
  • The TARDIS arrives on Earth almost 100 years before Dodo's time.
  • "Plate layers" are the men laying down tracks for the new railroad.
  • The Doctor thinks of Susan, Barbara, Ian, Vicki, Steven, Sara, and Katarina.
  • Temporal energies upset Dodo's senses.
  • The craft beneath the station is an early unmanned Time Lord time capsule cast out to survey the time vortex. It hyper-evolved the nearest lifeform, a European mole, to act as a defense mechanism.
  • The Doctor programs the craft to return to it's owners, and rushes Dodo back to the TARDIS before the craft dematerialises, commenting that it was "too close."


  • The Doctor remembers all of his past companions save for Oliver Harper.


  • Steven Taylor recently parted company with the Doctor and Dodo, (TV: The Savages) but they've had several "fine" adventures since then.
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