The Honourable Burger was a back up story released in 10DY2 14. It started a trend of stories written by Rachael Smith featuring Doctor Who aliens and monsters attempting to settle in commercial Earth and Earth-like environments. This story featured a Sontaran attempting to run a food truck.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Tenth Doctor is visiting a Welsh deer park. Looking through binoculars, he sees a Steve's Burgers van. Ordering a burger, he realises Steve is a Sontaran. Steve gives the Doctor a burger, and the Doctor asks where he gets his beef. Steve says that he kills the deer and uses them. The Doctor yells at Steve, and asks to borrow his spatula. Steve gives it to him and continues talking, but the Doctor knocks him out by hitting his probic vent. He tells the deer that they should leave the burgers alone.

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