The Home Guard was the first story of the sixth series of The Early Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Simon Guerrier, narrated by Anneke Wills and featured the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright. James Dreyfus also features as the Master, returning after his encounter with the First Doctor in The Destination Wars.

Guerrier was inspired by Dominic Sandbrook's history of 1960s Britain, White Heat, and the BBC wartime sitcom, Dad's Army. Originally the story was a pastiche of Dad's Army but Guerrier was dissatisfied with it and rewrote it, incorporating a tone similar to the 1945 film Brief Encounter.

A number of references remain to the sources of inspiration: the cover's Union Flag arrows are identical to those seen in the Dad's Army opening credits, the character of Robert Collins was based on Private Godfrey, and the Doctor also calls Jamie "stupid boy". Additionally, Sandbrook lends his surname to the character Jill Sandbrook. (BFX: The Home Guard)

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It’s the middle of the Second World War and Ben Jackson has returned to visit his married friends Polly and Jamie in their quiet English village. But they can't quite shake the feeling that something's not right...

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A young soldier runs through a field of ruth, trying to escape from someone or something. He reaches an open road, where he sees a bus stop and a bus coming towards it; he tries to get on, but before the bus can reach him, someone kills him by shrinking him down with a device.

Ben Jackson, a sailor coming home for a licence, gets off the bus without seeing anything. He reaches the home of his two friends, Jamie McCrimmon and Polly Wright, now married, coming right before they have to leave because they are late for a reunion of the local Home Guard, to which they both belong. Ben comes along with them.

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Home Guard alternate cover

Alternative cover.

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