The Holy Terror was the fourteenth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Robert Shearman and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Robert Jezek as Frobisher, a character who first appeared in the 1984 Doctor Who Magazine comic story The Shape Shifter.

It was the second of Big Finish's "Side Steps", exploring other elements of the Doctor Who universe. This story was also Robert Shearman's first contribution to audio-based Doctor Who.

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The TARDIS lands in a forbidding castle in a time of religious upheaval. The old god has been overthrown, and all heretics are to be slaughtered. Obviously it isn't the sort of thing which would happen there every day — just every few years or so.

Soon after the Doctor and Frobisher are hailed as messengers from heaven, they become vital to opposing factions in their struggle for power. But will they be merely the acolytes of the new order — or will they be made gods themselves?

Evil is growing deep within the crypt. And the pair soon find out that they will be lucky to escape their new immortality with their lives.

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  • Frobisher hunts for a gumblejack that he creates in the TARDIS. He prefers to hunt live fish rather than eat the canned tuna the Doctor stores for him.


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