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The Hollow King was the first story of the third series of The New Counter-Measures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Ian Potter and featured Simon Williams as Ian Gilmore, Pamela Salem as Rachel Jensen, Karen Gledhill as Allison Williams and Hugh Ross as Toby Kinsella.

Producer David Richardson stated that this was to be the final story in the Counter-Measures range overall. However, due to the standalone nature of the story and fan popularity, the series returned over a year later with a duology comprised of The Movellan Manoeuvre and The Dalek Gambit, which served as the true send-off to the range.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

They say lights have been seen in the skies over Swammcombe. They say this is the place to spot flying saucers. Allison Williams is not so convinced. But maybe Allison Williams is wrong. When she witnesses a UFO launch from the top of a hill is it signs of alien activity... or something more sinister?

Counter-Measures are looking into Open Band - the disciples of the so-called Swami of Swammcombe, Lord Cavall. They've been been monitoring Cavall since noticing a curious rise in psychiatric cases among his followers...

How true are Cavall's teachings? What happens during the elite 'Visualisation' sessions? And what does this all have to do with the King under the hill?


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  • The mushrooms are an alien parasite that has been on Earth since Saxon times.



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