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The History of the Doctor was the name of the 2013 mini Doctor Who episode that sandwiched the documentary The Ultimate Guide. The title aimed to stay with the "The (something) of the Doctor" theme of the time during the 2013 specials.

This article covers the in-universe minisode that bookended the documentary, as only those scenes are valid.


The Eleventh Doctor has lost his memory. Will reading his diary help him regain it, or will he forget forever?


Clara arrives, bags in hand, ready to go on a holiday to a sun destination, only to find a very confused Eleventh Doctor in the TARDIS. She soon discovers that the Doctor has somehow erased most of his memories due to fiddling with the TARDIS' telepathic circuits. To help him restore them, she pulls the Doctor's 1200 Year Diary out of a storage compartment and together, the two begin reminiscing about his lives.

Finally, the Doctor's memories are restored thanks to the book, which leaves him saddened as he says it was easier not remembering the people he'd lost over the years. Clara reassures him that he is a man who never runs from danger and has helped save billions of lives. Cheered up, the Doctor puts the TARDIS in flight as they resume their holiday.




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