The History Tour was a short series of one-page comic strips by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett that were printed in Doctor Who Magazine. It was introduced alternatively as The Doctor Who History Tour, The Doctor Who History Tour Inc, Ye Doctor Who History Tour, The Famous Doctor Who History Tour and The Incredible Doctor Who History Tour. The series afforded a mostly serious yet comedic and highly inaccurate look at various points in history.

The History Tour marked the first Doctor Who work Quinn and Howett had done other than their popular three-panel Doctor Who? which debuted in DWM 64 and outlived the series, lasting until DWM 225. During the course of the series, Quinn and Howett published The Doctor Who Fun Book in the same style and later published It's Bigger on the Inside! after its conclusion.

The History Tour featured the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown in all instalments with the Doctor attempting to show Peri all of Earth's history from Event One to 1963. A notable exception to this was No. 8 in which the Third Doctor briefly replaced his sixth incarnation for one story because, as he said himself "Regency England [was his] specialty".


# Title Featuring Printed in Cover date
1 In the Beginning Adric DWM 108 January 1986
2 Early Man: Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 B.C. Terry Nation, Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans DWM 110 March 1986
3 The Bit Before the Middle Ages Golden Emperor DWM 113 June 1986
4 The Bit After the Last Bit Sea Devils DWM 115 August 1986
5 Discoveries Columbus, Raleigh, Elizabeth I DWM 117 October 1986
6 The Bits We've Missed So Far King Harold, Guy Fawkes, Isaac Newton DWM 119 December 1986
7 (No. 7.) Mickey Mouse DWM 122 March 1987
8 No. 8 K9, Daleks DWM 129 October 1987
9 Number Nine First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor DWM 131 December 1987
10 No. 10 Daleks DWM 132 January 1988
11 The (Final) Doctor Who History Tour First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Elizabeth II DWM 135 April 1988