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The Happiness Patrol was a comic series focusing on the titular Happiness Patrol which were licensed directly from their copyright-holders. It was published by Cutaway Comics.[1][2]

Publisher's summary[]

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The Death of Fifi[]

The Death of Fifi was published in six chapters in issues of SFX magazine.

# Title Writer Artist Featuring Printed in Release date
1 First Degree Grief Andrew Cartmel Adrian Salmon Helen A SFX 346 3 November 2021
2 Meet Fifi Helen A, Fifi SFX 347 1 December 2021
3 Funeral Comedian SFX 348 29 December 2021
4 Stand Up Tragedy SFX 349 2022
5 Helen A SFX 350 2022
6 The Alien SFX 351 23 March 2022

Terra Alpha Nights[]

Terra Alpha Nights was published as a backup comic in the issues of Cutaway's Paradise Towers series.

# Title Writer Artist Featuring Printed in Release date
1 Ecstatic Andrew Orton Faiz Rehman Happiness Patrol PTPF 1 20 October 2021
2 Smile PTPF 2 15 February 2022


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