The Haldenmor Fugue was a short story printed in Doctor Who Storybook 2010. It was written by James Moran. It featured the Tenth Doctor.

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The Doctor lands in a major city in Eastern England in the year 2180. Strangely, the Doctor does not recognise the city. Soon, he finds himself partnered with a strong-willed security guard named Carla, investigating odd happenings in a building where "ghosts" are reported attacking customers.

The Doctor soon realises these "ghosts" are Vikings who settled in the area back in the 10th century, but who are interacting with the 22nd century via a rift in time created by a time travel experiment gone haywire. To put things right, the Doctor must close the rift, but doing so will make it so the city of Haldenmor and possibly his new friend, Carla, never existed.

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