The Habitat was the outpost surrounding the spaceport on Dramos. It was strategically located for intergalactic travel. Power was supplied by automated energy-mining rigs orbiting Titania. The Temple of the Church of Adjudication was the largest free-standing building.

By the 32nd century, the collapse of the Earth Empire led to many of its colonies and outposts being abandoned, including the Habitat. When the Sixth Doctor and Peri arrived in 3174, unrest in the Habitat was exacerbated by the Node's attempts at communication how it was being poisoned by the outpost's waste. When it was able to transfer itself into the OBERON operating system, it sealed itself off, causing further chaos from the lack of automated computer controls. Food riots followed, but the Doctor hoped his influence in events would reduce the severity of the turmoil. (PROSE: Burning Heart)

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