The HAVOC Files: Loose Ends was an anthology of the Lethbridge-Stewart series short stories.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Events in life are rarely tied up in a neat little bow. There are always loose ends. And for Anne Bishop, nee Travers, nearing the end of her life, this is painfully true.

She receives a visit from a friend she thought lost to her and shares stories about loose ends that were tied up at the last minute.

These include a return to Glencross and dealing with fallout of the events of ‘A Very Private Haunting’, the arrival on Earth of the Star Maidens of Drahb who are in search of the Dominators, an unexpected reunion between the Brigadier and a friend he thought dead for nineteen years, a visit home for Owain Vine and the discovery of a family secret that will change his life forever, and an awkward visit for Lance Corporal Evans to the mother of his dead sister.

At the end of all these tales Anne discovers that one more mission awaits her, when she learns the true story of Rhys Rubery

Individual stories[edit | edit source]

Title Author
The Stories We Tell Andy Frankham-Allen
The Arrival Tim Gambrell
Hide No More Andy Frankham-Allen
Remnant of A Haunting Sharon Bidwell
Brother, Where Art Thou Andy Frankham-Allen
Tall Tales John Peel

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