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The Gulf was the second and final story in The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume Seven. It was written by Tim Foley and featured Tim Treloar as the Third Doctor and Sadie Miller as Sarah Jane Smith.

Publisher's summary[]

The TARDIS lands on an ocean planet where the Doctor and Sarah find themselves stranded on a former rig, which has recently been converted into an artistic retreat.

But art is far from the residents’ minds. A troubled member of their collective has disappeared, and the Doctor senses a sinister psychic presence. The waves are rising. And there’s something in the water.


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  • The Doctor mentions meeting Raphael in his artists studio.


This story marks the debut of Sadie Miller in the Third Doctor Adventures. Reprising her mother's role of Sarah Jane Smith having recently portrayed her in The Lost Story, Return of the Cybermen (audio story). This marks the completion of all the third doctor companions appearing on audio in full casted adventures.


  • The Doctor tells Sarah that the TARDIS is capable of towing a planet, and that if she is lucky, she may see this one day - something she would indeed witness many years later. (TV: Journey's End)
  • The Doctor likens the mental displacement caused by the Gulf to being inside the mind of Omega. (TV: The Three Doctors)
  • The TARDIS is able to float on the water again. (TV: Fury from the Deep)
  • Lauren tries to use Sarah's memories of Aunt Lavinia Smith. (TV: A Girl's Best Friend)

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