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The Guardian of the Solar System was first story of the fifth series in The Companion Chronicles audio range. It was produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Simon Guerrier and featured Sara Kingdom.

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Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom is dead, her ashes strewn on the planet Kembel. But, in an old house in Ely, Sara Kingdom lives on...

Now joined in the house by her confidante Robert, Sara recalls her travels in the TARDIS with the Doctor — and a particular adventure when the ship appeared to land inside a giant clock, where old men are caught in its workings...

And behind this nightmare is an old enemy: Mavic Chen, Guardian of the Solar System.

Then and now, Sara's past is catching up with her. The cogs have come full circle...

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  • Sara's elder brother Bret Vyon was senior to her in the Space Security Service.
  • Robert was told stories of the Daleks when he was child.
  • Sara considered Steven Taylor to have been a good ally and a good man to have around in a crisis.
  • Sara spent six months on assignment on Venus in 3999.
  • The Great Clock is built using the same technology as the House in Ely, although Sara can't remember what the process is called, but it essentially treats the human mind as an equation.
  • Based on this, the more the prisoners think they will escape the Clock, the more the Clock traps them, entering their minds and feeding on them.
  • In the 40th century, androids were considered equal to humans.
  • Sara refers to the alien races that could threaten Earth: Malphas, Zephon (pronounced Zenephon), Celation, Beaus, and the Eminence Gris.

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  • This story explains why Sara is always seen in her SSS uniform during The Daleks' Master Plan, despite travelling well outside her jurisdiction. Sara explains that she thought herself indivisible from her oath of service at that time, and that her uniform represented that oath.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 25 November 2009.
  • This is stated to be the last story Sara tells Robert, but The Drowned World indicated he's already heard the story of "the old men in the clock."
  • Home Truths established that Sara stopped counting after 1000 years, implying she's been in the house for longer. This story makes it a flat 1000 years since that adventure.
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