The Grey Hole was a comic story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2011. It was written by Trevor Baxendale.

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The Doctor and Amy Pond arrive on the Gemstone Moon of Regol Genaralon where they find a prefabricated human research base that appears to have been abandoned for the last two weeks. At the heart of the research is a Grey Hole (something between a black hole that sucks everything in and a white hole that throws all sorts of stuff out). Grey holes shouldn't exist but, the Doctor explains, "on rare occasions they can break through the boundaries between dimensions." Taking the TARDIS on a journey into the Grey Hole to rescue the research scientists, they travel through the different levels of space-time distortion beyond the event horizon, where light is unable to pass. Homing in on the echoes of the human scientists' brainwaves, the Doctor and Amy find themselves on the edge of oblivion, a pocket of the universe in a constant state of flux guarded by the shadowy Vorpon (Guardians of the boundary Nexus). In spite of the Vorpon's warnings, Amy races past the guardians. Amy and the Doctor, who follows her, find themselves down another level of the Boundary Nexus, the bridge between universes. The Doctor negotiates a release of the scientists and a return to the research base in return for the Vorpon being left alone to guard the Boundary Nexus. Because the Vorpons were Nexus forms, if the boundary had been breached, the result would have been catastrophic for both sides (the humans and the Vorpons). Safe again, the scientists agree to halt their investigation into the Grey Hole.

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  • The comic strip adventures that appeared in the Official Annuals were very much aimed at a young audience and the artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the annual.
  • The Annual strip stories were put together by the same team that prepare comic stories for the BBC's weekly title Doctor Who Adventures.

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