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The Green-Eyed Monster is a Tenth Doctor comic story originally published in Doctor Who Magazine #377.

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Rose Tyler wakes to find herself alone in the TARDIS. She leaves the vessel to find herself in the middle of a chaotic alien TV talk show, the Vanexxa Skank Show, and she's the star. She finds herself faced with bizarre stories about her relationship with the Tenth Doctor from none other than Mickey Smith, who suddenly has an Amazonian girlfriend named Phalia. Things get even worse when she discovers the Doctor has become her mother's boyfriend! Rose's seething jealousy holds the key to saving her life.

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  • This is the final DWM comic story to feature Rose Tyler. The last panel includes a dedication to Billie Piper, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke.
  • This is the first and to date only DWM comic strip in which Jackie Tyler appears (she is heard but not seen in a previous strip, The Lodger).
  • According to Clayton Hickman in his commentary on the strip in the Panini graphic novel omnibus The Betrothal of Sontar, a strip originally showed Rose waking up in a bed, but this was vetoed by Russell T Davies, who stated that no one sleeps in the TARDIS in the new series (this assertion was later refuted in the Steven Moffat era episode The Doctor's Wife, which mentions the TARDIS as having bunkbeds).
  • Rose's scream of "There should have been another way!" is an homage to Warriors of the Deep, complete with alien "corpses" (abandoned costumes).
  • The story features a rare view of a TARDIS hallway — something not seen on television in the revival series until The Doctor's Wife in 2011. Two trash bins are visible — a reference to the directions the Ninth Doctor gave Rose in The Unquiet Dead that involved negotiating trash bins in the hallways to find the Wardrobe room (which is also seen in this story).
  • This story takes place between The Girl in the Fireplace and Rise of the Cyberman, as Mickey is currently a companion.
  • The story makes direct reference to Rose being attracted to the Doctor.
  • Given the fact that much of this story consists of fabrications devised by the Doctor to play with Rose's emotions and defeat the Iagnon, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. As it is indicated that Rose had the Iagnon implanted while she was asleep by the Acolytes of Iagnos, the visit to the planet did indeed occur. However Phalia and her Amazons — with their repeated references to the Doctor's relationship to Rose — would appear to be actors hired by the Doctor. It's not known whether Rose was actually in a "time coma" for weeks as described. It is also not known if the Doctor is truthful when he states that three months have passed, though certainly enough time had to have passed to allow the Doctor to orchestrate the charade.

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