The Great Shopping Bill was the fourth story (fifth counting COMIC: The Lost Dimension: The Twelfth Doctor) of the third year of Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story series, published in 2017.

The story featured Nardole's first appearance in the ongoing Twelfth Doctor comic series, although his first comic appearance was in COMIC: The Lost Dimension. It also featured Missy's first appearance in the ongoing comic series.

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  • The robots at the Übermarket begin sentences with a phrase between two plus signs (e.g. "+Statement+"). In one panel, it mistakenly begins with two plus signs ("++Directive+")
  • The Doctor mistakenly refers to Back to the Future's Marty McFly as "Morty". Bill replies saying "Morty's a whole other thing", a reference to Rick and Morty.
  • The Doctor would quote Back to the Future by saying "Great Scott!"
  • The Doctor quotes Star Wars in saying "Boring conversation anyway".
  • The three robots seen close up have the designations "N-e-1-4-10-S", "X-i-10-2-C-u", and "N-i-4-N-i" . Read aloud these sound (approximately) like: "Anyone for tennis", "Exciting to see you", and "An eye for an eye".

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