The Good Companion was the fifth story (sixth counting COMIC: The Lost Dimension: The Tenth Doctor) of the third year of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, published in 2017 and 2018.

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In New York City, Cleopatra Hunsicker is running through an alleyway, avoiding being shot by a man. Cleo sneaks up behind him and puts a gun to his head. She takes a device from him, telling him that his shimmer is leaking. She disables the shimmer, revealing the man to be a Graske. The Graske is then killed by a Time Sentinel as Cleo escapes. She scans the device to find out what it is. After the scan completes, Cleo is shocked and attempts to ring the Doctor.

On Zhe's private moon, above Ouloumos, Zhe Ikiyuyu is speaking with Gabby Gonzalez, who is now her apprentice. The Doctor is attempting to repair Marcie while the binary apprentice offers them refreshments. The Doctor says that he won't be able to repair Marcie without a Xenobian matter-phase transmuter. Cindy persuades him to take a short trip in the TARDIS to get one.

The Doctor and Cindy land on Mechma Onzlo III Station, and the Doctor asks Onzlo if he has anything to repair Marcie with. He then asks if Onzlo is okay, since he doesn't look alright. Onzlo explains that his wife Marteek has "changed", saying she is an imposter. The Doctor goes to speak with her, telling Cindy and Onzlo to try look for a transmuter. The Doctor walks up to Marteek, who is standing on a round spacecraft. The Doctor tells her of Onzlo's suspicions, and asks to scan her just to reassure him. Marteek walks into the craft, and tells the Doctor that Onzlo's suspicions were correct, before closing the door. The Doctor runs away as the craft lifts off the ground and chases them, making a sound similar to the TARDIS. Cindy and the Doctor escape in the TARDIS, and Cindy asks him what the craft was. The Doctor guesses it was a chameleon device or a time engine, saying that Marcie tried to tell him about it the last time he was on the station, but he dismissed it. As they track Marteek through the Time Vortex, Cindy tells him she got the transmuter he wanted.

On Aramuko, Noobis is walking with Siffhoni. He tells her that he sent a telepathic message to the Doctor, and that he'd come to Aramuko once he receives it. Despite this, Siffhoni continues to believe that the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy are figments of his imagination.

Back on Zhe's moon, Zhe ends that day's training lesson with Gabby. Gabby walks away and asks the female apprentice whether she had seen the Doctor or Cindy. The apprentice tells her that they had left in the TARDIS, shocking Gabby. She almost loses control of her powers, but Zhe helps her bring them under control. Gabby and Zhe talk for a while, before Gabby leaves while Zhe waits behind to order food.

In the Vortex, the Doctor receives a signal from Cleo. She asks him to come and check the details of the artifact she found, but the Doctor doesn't want to lose Marteek. Eventually he reluctantly agrees, and goes to meet with Cleo. He inspects the artifact, and comes to the same conclusion as Cleo. Cindy asks what the matter is, and the Doctor and Cleo explains that the artifact contains information that Earth will cease to exist within a matter of days. Cindy says that they had seen a future where the Earth survived, but the Doctor explains that the future had been changed and that Earth was going to die.

On Zhe's moon, Gabby is walking alone, talking to herself. She hears a voice, and turns around to see Cindy and the Doctor standing there. They tell her to go with them. Zhe goes to find Gabby, and sees what appears to be the TARDIS. She hears Gabby yelling, and turns to see her being restrained by two Time Sentinels, no longer in their disguises. Zhe dodges an attack from the Sentinels. Gabby tries to tell her to warn the Doctor as she is pulled into the "TARDIS", which flies into the sky, revealing itself as the Red TARDIS.

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