The Golden Hendecahedron was the twelfth story in the anthology Iris: Fifteen. It was written by Cody Quijano-Schell.

Summary Edit

Visiting a temporal technology lecture, Iris is struck by an energy surge that severs her timeline. This splits her into two identical Irises (the Katy Manning Iris), one of which grows younger, the other growing older. The growing-younger Iris slowly regresses through previous incarnations, the growing-older Iris progresses through possible future incarnations.

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References Edit

  • Some of the time-displaced refugees end up landing at Texcoco.

Notes Edit

  • It is revealed the regeneration is a quantum side-effect of being a time-traveller. Because a time traveller is outside of time, there are less (or no) parallel timeline versions of themselves. Cosmic balance demands that periodically these parallel versions be expressed in the form of regeneration: a biological, physical, quantum, temporal change.

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