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The Gods of the Underworld was the second full length novel published by Big Finish Productions as part of their Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series. It was written by Stephen Cole.

Publisher's summary Edit

There's a whisper going round that the long-lost temple of the Argian Gods of the Underworld has finally been discovered on the planet Venedel. There's a still quieter whisper that deep inside it lies the Argian Oracle, an ancient artefact that can pinpoint the whereabouts of any soul in the universe. Benny Summerfield sets out to see if the whispers are true ­and to see if it can tell her the whereabouts of her missing lover. She's got nothing to lose.

Reaching Venedel, Benny finds it under siege from an over-zealous Federation, alleging human rights atrocities and starving the planet out until its people capitulate to its terms. Despite this, a team of Nishtubi mercenaries are running the blockade to supply aid for the Venedelans. But why? They have nothing to gain.

Caught between jingoistic natives, Nishtubi heavies, a plague of ancient killers and the cold, undying secrets of the Gods of the Underworld, Benny and her allies have nowhere to run ­and are left facing nothing but trouble.

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Mythological figures Edit

  • Braxiatel sends Benny to discover the Argian Oracle, capable of finding anyone in the universe.

Organisations Edit

  • The Earthlink Federation has ties to Earth. It tolerates the Fifth Axis.
  • The Shadow Federation is the name for the corrupt elements of the Earthlink Federation, which is generally countered by the Federation Special Internal Investigations Unit (of which Starl Stanmore is a member).
  • The Shik syndicate has kept the outer worlds oppressed for over a century.

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Species Edit

  • Benny encounters Ilijah; reptilian creatures which have been genetically re-engineered. They snort eggs in phlegm onto a host and their eggs grow within a host's body.
  • Waskas are rat-like creatures.

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