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You may be looking for the graphic novel of the same name.

The Glorious Dead was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor, Izzy Sinclair and Kroton. Published throughout 2000, it was an epic 10 parts long and featured the return to the comic strip of the Master who had appeared in the previous year's story The Fallen.


The Doctor, Izzy and Kroton are taken to Paradost to find that Sato Katsura and the Master have joined forces. The Doctor and Kroton must fight the Master and Sato for the Glory, where the protector of the Glory has full powers over space and time...


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Alternate Doctors[]



  • The Doctor duels with the Master across the omniverse and is stabbed through the chest by the Master.
  • The Doctor has the Terrible Zodin's autograph.
  • The Master escaped from the Eye of Harmony and took control over The Doctor's TARDIS.
  • Esterath is the Keeper of the Omniversal Spectrum – the focal point of reality.
  • The Doctor and the Master left Gallifrey on the same day, by the "same means".
  • Kroton sends the Master to an unknown fate, presumably back into the Eye of Harmony or Time Vortex.
  • The Master and the Doctor have fought on Qu'cadia, Sarn and Mahtosttu Major in the past.



Other media[]

  • One of the alternate Eight Doctors, Theta Stigma, is a homage to the strip Peanuts.
  • The ultraviolent cyborg version homages Axel Pressbutton.


  • On page 5 of Part One in the top right panel with the lettering "...Let's just enjoy the reception" the skirt of a Dalek is visible.
  • This story was part of the second Panini Comics collection of Eighth Doctor comic stories, which was published under the name of The Glorious Dead.
  • This story is a sequel to the events in The Road to Hell and the final panel in The Fallen.
  • On page 2 of Part Six, as Esterath explains to the Doctor about the Omniversal Spectrum, among the images that appear can be seen a panel of Spider-Man battling Doctor Octopus from Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #12, published in 1964, although the panel is somewhat distorted and flipped both horizontally and vertically. This supports the concept that the Doctor Who universe takes place within the Marvel Comics multiverse.
  • As readers were aware the Master was going to return to the strip, the comic deliberately implies that 'Morningstar' is the Master in disguise rather than Sato Katsura working with him. The use of a suspicious alias (that starts with "m"), the use of tissue compression unit, and the Doctor recognising the handwriting on 'Morningstar's' holy book are all used to wrongfoot an audience used to the Master's many disguises.