The Girl Who Never Grew Up was published along with the rereleased books Summer Falls, The Angel's Kiss, and The Devil In the Smoke in Summer Falls and Other Stories. It was written from the perspective of journalist Chrissie Allen.

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The journalist Chrissie Allen wants to write an article about Amelia Williams. She isn't reading Amy's books because she thinks she is too old for them. However, her nieces and nephews enjoy the books. Chrissie Allen thinks that Amy is very rich but when she arrives at Amy's and Rory's house she is quite surprised that they live quite simply.

When Amy opens the door she looks bearly-eyed and a little startled. She doesn't know who the woman in front of her is. Chrissie Allen tells her who she is and Amy explains that she has just woke up and has to dress up. Rory arrives in his pyjamas and offers Chrissie tea and a bacon sandwich. Chrissie and Rory eat their sandwiches in the living room while Amy dresses up.

Chrissie tells Rory that she thinks that he's cast quite a spell in the world of medicine. Rory had made a few quiet innovations on medical supplies and had created the Williams Wonder Beds. Chrissie tells him that her aunt always praises him when she goes to the hospital for her hip operation. When Rory tries to tell her where he was trained as a nurse he mixes up the locations. However, Amy comes around and supports her husband. Then she asks for her bacon, but Rory doesn't have one anymore.

Amy explains that she had a lot of late nights recently. She apologises for missing the letter making the appointment, as they had been away and only just got back. Amy explains that they went to Florida and Washington to visit friends and family because they were having a tough time. She also mentions that Rory and herself couldn't really them.[statement unclear] Amy explains that she and Rory only keep some of their money. They give the rest to other institutions like an orphanage.

Chrissie isn't interested in this. Instead she asks about where Amy got the ideas from. Amy doesn't know what to say, but in the end she just explains that she and Rory were living a quiet life. She tells Chrissie that she wants to write a story about a girl who is lost on the streets of New York and is lost and frightened and that the girl just makes the best of the world on her own using her magic powers. Amy tells Chrissie that she might be going onto the streets at night trying to look for the lost girl. When Chrissie asks her if she really believes that the girl is out there, Amy replies that she does.

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