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The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who was a single-issue comic story published in the IDW 2013 Doctor Who Special. It was the final Doctor Who comic published by IDW under its licence from the BBC.


In this special one-shot story, a strange force flings the TARDIS and the Eleventh Doctor into our own universe! Once here, the Doctor encounters a 10-year-old girl who happens to be a huge fan of the Doctor Who TV show. The Doctor grapples with being a fictional character and a monster lurking at the girl's school on the way to coming face-to-face with the actor who portrays him, Matt Smith!


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  • The basic plot of this story is identical to the 1999 Doctor Who Magazine comic story TV Action! in which the Eighth Doctor found himself in the real world where his adventures are chronicled in a TV series starring Tom Baker.
  • This is the only IDW comic story to make an allusion to the then-upcoming Twelfth Doctor, who would not make his American comic book debut until the Titan Comics run.
  • Despite this story being set in a meta-fiction universe, the Doctor mentions having met Peter Capaldi and Peter Davison previously, seemingly within his own universe. While this is in itself not obviously contradictory with any other source, this story posits that the Doctor was surprised by the knowledge of a television series about himself, contradicting numerous stories that depict the Doctor himself being involved with the Doctor Who franchise that exists within the Doctor's universe.
  • Despite the primary setting being shown to be London, the copy of the Doctor Who Series 7 DVD boxset that Ally owns clearly appears to be an American Region 1 copy, complete with an American-style barcode, the Presents presense of the web address to the BBC America website, and the American English spelling of "center" in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.