The Girl Who Died was the fifth episode of the ninth series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales.

The story is notable because it reveals the reason as to why the Twelfth Doctor regenerated with the same appearance as Lobus Caecilius: to remind himself to, no matter how impossible it seemed, always save someone, as he had saved Caecilius in his tenth incarnation.

It also revisited the idea of something alien taking over a pre-historic era by impersonating an important figure. The concept was last seen in Robot of Sherwood.


The Doctor and Clara are forced to help protect a Viking village from the Mire, one of the deadliest warrior races in the galaxy. Are they fated to suffer death due to being outnumbered? So what is it about a simple Viking girl that interests the Time Lord?


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Popular culture

  • The Doctor gives a bearded Viking the nickname of "ZZ Top".

Story notes

  • This story features the use of footage from The Fires of Pompeii and Deep Breath when the Twelfth Doctor finally realizes where he got his face.
  • This is the 100th story of the BBC Wales era of Doctor Who.


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