The Ghouls of Grestonspey was a short story in the Doctor Who Annual 1971. Its portrayal of the Brigadier, or as he was known in parts of this story, "the UNIT Commander", was odd. He got angry quickly and insulted his soldiers when they were clearly fear-ridden. He also showed little concern for the Third Doctor's welfare, trusting him to solve his own problems when he was kidnapped. Likewise, the Doctor was angry, thinking himself too good to be taken prisoner.

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When the Doctor is kidnapped on a Scottish moor, he finds himself underground, and not alone...

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The Doctor and Liz are in Scotland, near Grestonspey, a nuclear power station. Suddenly, Liz starts to scream and the Doctor is forced to carry her away. He is surrounded by grey light and disappears.

Returning to the UNIT post nearby, Liz explains the situation to the Brigadier. He is reluctant to help but, in the morning, starts searching the area. The Doctor finds himself in an underground prison. Several humans of different races are in a state of suspended animation in other cages.

A Zeld approaches the cage and ignores the Doctor's questions as that of an animal. He gives orders and talks about the Protos, the grey lights. They feed on mental energy and the Zeld assist them in doing so. The Doctor attacks the Zeld leader and escapes to the surface, having found himself to be underground. He tells the Brigadier that the Zeld are now trapped there forever.

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