The Ghost Trap was the fourth story of the fifth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series. It was read by Louise Jameson.

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Responding to a salvage team's distress call, the Doctor and Leela arrive on a crippled space ship. Its owners, the Hihmakk, are a secretive race of space mariners whose navigation skills make them the envy of the galaxy. The salvage team are long dead, but their last log entries speak of a spectre stalking the ship's halls, picking them off one by one. When the pair become separated, Leela must fight for survival whilst the Doctor seeks to understand the nature of the ghost...

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  • Leela is familiar with the concept of ghosts.
  • A Hihmakk crew could become a hive mind to navigate hyperspace, an extension of normal spacetime.
  • The "ghost trap" was a deliberately focused warp shunt, like a land mine causing the ship to drop out of hyperspace back into normal spacetime.

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