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The Genuine Article was an animated Doctor Who: Lockdown! webcast released in February 2021, tying in with the tweetalong of TV: Love & Monsters (serving as a sequel to its events, shedding more light on the Abzorbaloff's backstory).

The minisode boasted Jon Culshaw as part of its cast and a returning Elliott Crossley once again filling in for David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. It also prominently featured the Krakanord, winner of a "design a monster" competition much like the one which had led to the creation of the Abzorbaloff. Another entry from the 2006 competition, fan-favourite runner-up Sad Tony, made a cameo in the webcast also.

The Genuine Article would be the last of the Lockdown! originals to be released.

Publisher's summary[]

Cardiff, 2009. The Abzorbaloff returns to avenge the Doctor... with a little help from the deadly Krakanord.


In what he believes to be Cardiff, the Doctor has been chased to a back alley by the Abzorbaloff, who reveals that he is in fact onboard a ship in orbit of Earth. Recalling having encountered the Abzorbaloff in London, he observes that the Abzorbaloff has "unpuddled" himself". Bemused, the Abzorbaloff states that he came to Earth to personally face the Doctor, following a "young Abzorbalovian" who came a few years earlier. He clarifies that the Abzorbalovian who the Doctor saw get "self-absorbed" was his firstborn son.

Holding the Doctor responsible for his son's "assassination", the Abzorbaloff gloats that the Doctor has fallen into his trap, intending to absorb him along with every "meatbag" on Earth. Recognising the risk in confronting the Doctor, the Abzorbaloff summons his associate, whom he intends to unleash on the Doctor, allowing him to afterwards absorb his remains. However, the alien instead turns on the Abzorbaloff, shooting down and melting him. The alien explains to the Doctor that the Abzorbaloff had kept him waiting for three months, giving him nothing but "the worst" of Earth cuisine. Identifying himself as the Krakanord, he presents his weapons and declares his intention to take over the Earth.

The Doctor quickly moves to stop the Krakanord. Having gotten himself close to the "any key", the Doctor presses it, activating a transmat which will teleport the Krakanord to Clom in a matter of seconds. The Krakanord curses the Doctor, vowing that he will claim what he has "rightfully earned". The Doctor responds that he and his many friends will be waiting, warning that the planet is defended. The TARDIS then materialises as the Krakanord rages, retrieving the Doctor before taking to space, where the Doctor ponders "just where do these guys keep coming from?"




  • The words "Bad Wolf" are graffitied on the wall of the back alley in Cardiff.
  • The Doctor says that the Abzorbaloff gives him a good runaround.
  • The Abzorbaloff describes the back alley as his "parlour".
  • The Doctor refers to the back alley where he met the Abzorbaloff in London.
  • The Cardiff "back alley" is in fact part of the Abzorbaloff's ship.
  • The Abzorbaloff describes the Doctor as a "Gallifreyan worm".
  • The Doctor believes the Abzorbaloff had "unpuddled" himself. The Abzorbaloff clarifies that it was his son who "melt[ed]".
  • The Abzorbaloff describes Earth as a "stupid rock".
  • The Abzorbaloff refers to the late Abzorbaloff as his baby.
  • The Abzorbaloff refers to those he intends to absorb as "meatbags".
  • The Abzorbaloff did a risk assessment before confronting the Doctor.
  • The Abzorbaloff describes the Krakanord as his "delightful associate", his "lovely agent of chaos" and his "most elegant bringer of obliteration".
  • The Krakanord identifies the Doctor as "suited one".
  • The Krakanord was kept in a chamber, which he describes as a hole, for three months.
  • The Krakanord was given baked beans, stale wheat biscuits and "overly diluted, branded blackcurrant juice.
  • The Krakanord describes Earth cuisine as "just the worst".
  • The Krakanord is armed with buzzsaws and an acid blaster.
  • The Abzorbaloff's ship has an "any key", which controls the Krakanord's chamber and a transmat, which has a reverse teleporation function.
  • The transmat takes 20 seconds to send the Krakanord to Clom.
  • The Doctor asks the Krakanord to say "hi" to Raxacoricofallapatorius for him.


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