"The Gentleman" was the sobriquet used by an assassin tasked with bringing Jack Harkness to the Three Families in 2011.

The Gentleman followed Esther Drummond to Sarah Drummond's house. From there he tracked Jack and her to Los Angeles where he identified Gwen Cooper as an associate of his target.

Knowing he would need his biometrics to follow Jack, the Gentleman attacked Nicolas Frumkin and took a hand and an eye from him as well as a voice recording. With this, he followed Jack into the PhiCorp building and captured Gwen and him. He was fascinated by Jack being the last mortal man and was threatening to shoot Gwen when Rex Matheson shot him repeatedly, once in the neck, preventing him from speaking. Unfortunately, this occurred just as he had been about to reveal the names of the mysterious individuals responsible for the Miracle. (TV: Escape to LA)

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