The Garden of Evil, or Garden of Evil, is the third in a series of "choose-your-own-adventure" style gamebooks, titled Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who in the UK and released in the US in Ballantine Books' Find Your Fate line.

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Have you ever longed to climb aboard the TARDIS and enter another dimension? Meet the Doctor and join him in outwitting his enemies? Well, now's your chance! All you need is a pair of dice, a pencil, a little bit of luck and all your wits about you. Ready?

A dark force is at work to destroy all living beings and replace them with monstrous machines. Only the Doctor — and you — can find the source of this evil and save the Universe! Now open the covers and join the Doctor in an adventure through Time and Space...

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Famine threatens every intelligent life form in the universe. The Doctor needs your special powers to combat the forces of the GARDEN OF EVIL.

Persecuted for his belief that even robots and androids have souls, the scientist-prophet Ellis has led his followers in a great exodus across the cosmos to find the gift of life.

But now Ellis is missing, betrayed by one of his followers, the maker who has stolen the secret of Ellis's greatest discovery. He plans to use its power to rid the universe of life and replace it with machines obedient to his evil will.

Unless you and the Doctor can find Ellis, the maker will win. Your quest is full of peril. To succeed you have to make the right decisions as you FIND YOUR FATE.

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  • The Gallifreyan city of Prydos is constructed atop a mound similar to a medieval castle and is temporarily home to Riff City, containing refugees from various times and places that have been affected by the Great Famine.
  • The High Council employ "lifeboats" to shuttle starving populations from planet-to-planet using serpentine Malians to maintain law and order in Riff City.
  • Wings grew up alone in Central New Guinea when the aircraft transporting him south was downed by a cyclone. He is a telepathic empath and was sent to the Gallifreyan academy by their Examining Commission to become a translator who would assist in the famine; they graded him with a rank of Delta-Delta. The nickname "Wings" was bestowed upon him by the Doctor in deference to the boy's desire to "fly away".
  • Mack was a prospector by trade and carried a blaster for self-defence.
  • Professor Ellis started up the Ellisian faith to champion the rights of robotic lifeforms. He was exiled from the solar system and its respective territories by factions interested in maintaining their unquestioning workforce.
  • Spacedust, or "the source of life" as the Maker calls it, is dimensionally unstable.
  • The Hoggarathi are chieroptic hybrids utilised as henchmen by the Maker. They are vulnerable to certain ultrasonic frequencies.

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  • The UK edition of this novel is called The Garden of Evil whilst the US edition lacks the article, making it Garden of Evil.

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