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The Gangster's Story was the seventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Repercussions. It was written by Jon de Burgh Miller. It featured the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Erimem.


Jack Green, a London gangster, has been called in to see his boss, Charlie Shutter. Charlie intends to punish Jack for a failed job, using his electrical weapon called the Lightning. Three strangers burst in, introducing themselves as the Doctor, Peri and Erimem. Charlie proceeds with the punishment, despite the Doctor's protests. Charlie then turns the weapon on the Doctor, but is shocked that the Doctor can control the Lightning. He sends Jack, Peri and Erimem from the room and discusses the weapon with the Doctor.

Some years ago, Charlie found some material with electric properties. He made it into a glove that could shoot electricity at people but not harm him.

The Doctor and Charlie enter into a partnership. The Doctor plans the robberies and Charlie and his men carry them out, on the condition that no one is to be killed. Erimem is appalled that the Doctor would agree to this, but Peri is sure the Doctor has some plan.

After a few robberies, the Doctor informs Charlie that there is one more robbery, and that afterwards Charlie must retire and free his men from his control. Jack cannot believe that he could be free from Charlie.

The last job is at the warehouse of Charlie's arch-rival, Mickey Green. Green recently stole a cabinet that happens to have some of the same properties as Charlie's Lightning. The Doctor and his companions accompany Charlie and Jack to the warehouse. Charlie and Jack, by prearranged signal, turn on the Doctor, but as Charlie tries to use his weapon, the Doctor takes the energy from the weapon and directs it towards the cabinet, which then disappears in a huge flash of light.

The Doctor explains that the energy in the material was actually alien gangsters, and the cabinet was their spaceship. To prevent other aliens from destroying Earth in their hunt for the criminals, the Doctor set them free (though he says that he will deal with them later). He also informs Charlie that the police have evidence of his crimes and he will be going to prison. The Doctor then hands Jack some property deeds and tells him he is now free of Charlie.

The Doctor eventually brings the alien gangsters to the Time Vortex, where he has taken others who have been removed from their times.



  • Erimem tries to tell Jack she was once Pharaoh, but Peri stops her.


  • Each story in Short Trips: Repercussions includes a character or characters being taken out of their time by the Doctor to avoid harm to the Web of Time. In this story, it is the "cabinet".


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