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Doctor Who: The Game of Time & Space was a 1980 narrative tabletop game set in the Doctor Who universe, designed by Derek Carver for Games Workshop. It was one of the earliest Doctor Who role-playing games, and is not considered a valid source on this Wiki due to its branching narrative.

The game is "for 2-6 players, 8 years and over". Gameplay used a board, which is divided into 60 "zones", as well as 76 Alien counters, 76 Scientific Item counters, 36 Key Mission counters, 95 Key Part counters, 6 Doctor Who Alien & Item files, 6 pawns, a twelve-sided die, and a rules booklet.


The Fourth Doctor and Sara Jane must race through the universe looking for the scattered fragments of the Key to Time, scattered across seventy planets. They must not only evade the dangers to be faced on these planets, but three old foes of the Doctor who seek to acquire the Key for themselves, as well as the Doctor's previous incarnations and their own companions, who are all seeking the Key in their own right and may end up interfering with his own efforts. Can the Doctor get the Key and get back to the Domain of the Time Lords on Gallifrey for the hero's welcome he deserves?






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