The Fourth Wall was the ninth story of the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic series, published in 2016.

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It's the long-awaited return of a deadly foe, as the Doctor and Clara face a monster that will have you checking your stack of comics for suspicious movement! Dare you continue reading, when every page turn could bring you into MORTAL DANGER?! You have to – you're the Doctor's only hope!

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The Twelfth Doctor and Clara arrive in modern London because of some suspicious activity recorded by the TARDIS. While looking around, the Doctor is sucked into a Time Surgeon comic. With the help of Clara, he escapes the comic and defeats the Boneless.

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  • The Doctor tells Clara he has no control over whether he can regenerate into a woman.

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  • This is the final main Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor story to feature Clara Oswald (though she continued to be featured in the back-up strip).
  • The Doctor has been known to break the fourth wall with viewers a number of times, such as the First Doctor wishing viewers a Merry Christmas at the end of an installment of TV: The Daleks' Master Plan. The Twelfth Doctor himself has done so on several occasions (TV: Deep Breath, Listen, Before the Flood, and Heaven Sent)
  • This story was published not long after Pearl Mackie was announced the Doctor's new TV companion, Bill Potts. The character of Natalie, who becomes something of a one-off companion in this tale, was noted as strongly resembling Mackie. Artist Rachael Stott indicated on her Twitter feed that this was a coincidence.

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