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The Fourth Wall was the one hundred and fifty-seventh story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by John Dorney and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson.

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Business is bad for intergalactic media mogul Augustus Scullop, whose Trans-Gal empire is on the rocks. But, having retreated to his own private planet, Transmission, Scullop is about to gamble his fortune on a new show, made with an entirely new technology. And the name of that show... is Laser.

Back in the real world, far from the realms of small screen sci-fi fantasies about monsters and aliens, the Doctor is interested only in watching Test Match cricket... but finds himself drawn into Scullop's world when his new travelling companion, Flip, is snatched from inside the TARDIS.

So, while the Doctor uncovers the terrible secret of Trans-Gal's new tech, Flip battles to survive in a barren wilderness ruled over by the indestructible Lord Krarn and his pig-like servants, the Warmongers. And the name of that wilderness... is "Stevenage".

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  • The Doctor tells Flip that he is not as interested in cricket as his previous incarnation and notes that many of his other incarnations are "astonishingly irritating."
  • The Doctor is impressed by a reverse sweep in the match.
  • The Doctor previously encountered Chimbly on Ballastron VII as well as several other planets.
  • Xander Drexel was Augustus Scullop's business partner before he left Trans-Gal and created his own company, which proved to be considerably more successful.

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