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The Fourth Doctor Adventures was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2012. It starred the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker.

Additionally, the first, third, fourth and seventh and tenth series starred Leela, played by Louise Jameson. The second series starred Romana I, played by Mary Tamm. The fifth, sixth and ninth series starred Romana II, played by Lalla Ward. The ninth series also starred Adric, played by Matthew Waterhouse. The eighth series introduced Ann Kelso, a new companion for the Doctor. John Leeson reprised his role as K9 Mark I and II during the second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth series.


Series 1[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 Destination: Nerva Nicholas Briggs Leela 9 January 2012
1.2 The Renaissance Man Justin Richards February 2012
1.3 The Wrath of the Iceni John Dorney March 2012
1.4 Energy of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs Leela, Daleks April 2012
1.5 Trail of the White Worm / The Oseidon Adventure Alan Barnes Leela, The Decayed Master May 2012
1.6 Leela, The Master, Kraals June 2012

Series 2[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 The Auntie Matter Jonathan Morris Romana I 14 January 2013
2.2 The Sands of Life / War Against the Laan Nicholas Briggs Romana I, K9 Mark II, Cuthbert, Laan 11 February 2013
2.3 Romana I, Cuthbert, Laan 11 March 2013
2.4 The Justice of Jalxar John Dorney Romana I, Jago, Litefoot March 2013
2.5 Phantoms of the Deep Jonathan Morris Romana I, K9 Mark II May 2013
2.6 The Dalek Contract / The Final Phase Nicholas Briggs Romana I, K9 Mark II, Daleks, Cuthbert June 2013
2.7 July 2013

Series 3[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
3.1 The King of Sontar John Dorney Leela, Sontarans 15 January 2014
3.2 White Ghosts Alan Barnes Leela 14 February 2014
3.3 The Crooked Man John Dorney 14 March 2014
3.4 The Evil One Nicholas Briggs Leela, The Decayed Master 11 April 2014
3.5 Last of the Colophon Jonathan Morris Leela 14 May 2014
3.6 Destroy the Infinite Nicholas Briggs Leela, The Eminence 18 June 2014
3.7 The Abandoned Louise Jameson and Nigel Fairs Leela 11 July 2014
3.8 Zygon Hunt Nicholas Briggs Leela, Zygons 15 August 2014

Series 4[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
4.1 The Exxilons Nicholas Briggs Leela, K9 Mark I, Exxilons 15 January 2015
4.2 The Darkness of Glass Justin Richards Leela 12 February 2015
4.3 Requiem for the Rocket Men John Dorney Leela, K9 Mark I, Rocket Men, The Decayed Master 13 March 2015
4.4 Death Match Matt Fitton Leela, K9 Mark I, The Master 16 April 2015
4.5 Suburban Hell Alan Barnes Leela 21 May 2015
4.6 The Cloisters of Terror Jonathan Morris Leela, Emily Shaw 4 June 2015
4.7 The Fate of Krelos / Return to Telos Nicholas Briggs Leela, K9 Mark I 8 July 2015
4.8 Leela, K9 Mark I, Jamie, Cybermen 11 August 2015

Series 5[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
5.1 Wave of Destruction Justin Richards Romana II, K9 Mark II, Vardans 12 January 2016
5.2 The Labyrinth of Buda Castle Eddie Robson Romana II 18 February 2016
5.3 The Paradox Planet / Legacy of Death Jonathan Morris Romana II, K9 Mark II 16 March 2016
5.4 13 April 2016
5.5 Gallery of Ghouls Alan Barnes Romana II 10 May 2016
5.6 The Trouble with Drax John Dorney Romana II, K9 Mark II, Drax 14 June 2016
5.7 The Pursuit of History / Casualties of Time Nicholas Briggs Romana II, K9 Mark II, Black Guardian, White Guardian, Cuthbert, Laan 13 July 2016
5.8 10 August 2016

Series 6[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
6.1 The Beast of Kravenos Justin Richards Romana II, K9 Mark II, Jago, Litefoot 11 January 2017
6.2 The Eternal Battle Cavan Scott, Mark Wright Romana II, K9 Mark II, Sontarans 15 February 2017
6.3 The Silent Scream James Goss Romana II, K9 Mark II 22 March 2017
6.4 Dethras Adrian Poynton Romana II 20 April 2017
6.5 The Haunting of Malkin Place Phil Mulryne 17 May 2017
6.6 Subterranea Jonathan Morris 14 June 2017
6.7 The Movellan Grave Andrew Smith Romana II, Movellans 12 July 2017
6.8 The Skin of the Sleek / The Thief Who Stole Time Marc Platt Romana II 16 August 2017
6.9 13 September 2017

Series 7[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
7.1 The Sons of Kaldor Andrew Smith Leela, Kaldor androids 18 January 2018
7.2 The Crowmarsh Experiment David Llewellyn Leela
7.3 The Mind Runners / The Demon Rises John Dorney K9 Mark I
7.5 The Shadow of London Justin Richards Leela 16 May 2018
7.6 The Bad Penny Dan Starkey
7.7 Kill the Doctor! / The Age of Sutekh Guy Adams Leela, Sutekh

Series 8[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
8.1 The Sinestran Kill Andrew Smith Ann 16 January 2019
8.2 Planet of the Drashigs Phil Mulryne Ann, K9 Mark II, Drashigs
8.3 The Enchantress of Numbers Simon Barnard, Paul Morris Ann, Ada Lovelace
8.4 The False Guardian / Time's Assassin Guy Adams Ann, K9 Mark II, Zephon, Varga plants
8.5 13 February 2019
8.6 Fever Island Jonathan Barnes Ann
8.7 The Perfect Prisoners John Dorney Ann, K9 Mark II, Malpha, Sentreal, Trantis, Beaus, Celation, Gearon

Series 9[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
9.1 Purgatory 12 Marc Platt Romana II, Adric, K9 Mark II 22 January 2020
9.2 Chase the Night Jonathan Morris
9.3 The Planet of Witches Alan Barnes 12 February 2020
9.4 The Quest of the Engineer Andrew Smith
9SP1 Shadow of the Sun Robert Valentine Leela, K9 Mark I 12 May 2020

Series 10[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
10.1 The World Traders Guy Adams Leela, Usurians 20 January 2021
10.2 The Day of the Comet Jonathan Morris Leela
10.3 The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook Andrew Smith 10 February 2021
10.4 The Primeval Design Helen Goldwyn Leela, Mary Anning

Series 11[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
11.1 Blood of the Time Lords Timothy X Atack The Master 16 March 2022
11.2 The Ravencliff Witch David Llewellyn Margaret
11.3 The Dreams of Avarice Guy Adams The Nine 21 June 2022
11.4 Shellshock Simon Barnard, Paul Morris
11.5 Peake Season Lizbeth Myles

Bonus Releases[]

Due to Big Finish's 2019 website redesign, stories starring the Fourth Doctor from the Bonus Releases brand were moved to this range.

Title Author Featuring Released
Night of the Stormcrow Marc Platt Leela 12 December 2012 (subscribers exclusive)

18 December 2013 (General release)

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