The Fountains of Forever was the first part of the fifth story of the Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor comic story series, published in 2015.


Cindy and Gabby have a falling out after Gabby's homecoming — as an ancient artefact from the centre of the universe, a rogue Black Ops organisation, and a secret auction conspire to cause galaxy-shattering chaos!


Part one[]

Cindy Wu has assumed that Gabby Gonzalez is avoiding her, unaware of her travels with the Doctor, and is sending angry text messages to her. Gabby and the Doctor are prepared to go to 'somewhere noisy' when he receives a cloaked signal on his sonic screwdriver. Using Gabby's mobile phone, he pinpoints it to The Ebonite Auction Rooms, and decides to investigate, but not before upgrading her phone with universal roaming and suggesting she find Cindy.

Gabby accidentally bumps into Cindy in the streets, who angrily accuses her of having a new best friend and not answering her texts. Gabby says it's a long story, but Cindy tells her to explain.

Meanwhile, the Doctor traces the signal to the Rockefeller Center and uses his psychic paper to enter the auction rooms, unaware that he is being trailed by a mysterious woman. The Doctor finds that the rooms are auctioning off alien technology, which he brushes off as junk until he notices Lot Twenty-Eight. Unfortunately, the item has already been bought in a private bid. The Doctor leaves and sends a message to UNIT to retrieve the alien technology, but is attacked immediately after by the woman.

The woman grabs his sonic screwdriver and holds the Doctor at gunpoint. She has assumed the Doctor has bought the item in Lot Twenty-Eight and demands it, while also calling him a villain due to being British. The Doctor gets the screwdriver to zap the woman and tackles her, explaining he wants to find the item too. The woman suggests they help one another.

Gabby and Cindy are walking in the park, with Gabby having told her about the Doctor and their adventures, but Cindy assumes it's just Gabby being imaginative. They walk off, but Gabby is getting worried at not having received a text from the Doctor.

The Doctor and the woman, Cleo, trace the item, but they drive off before the Doctor and Cleo can catch them, while UNIT arrives to take the alien tech. Cleo's energy tracker is unable to pinpoint their car, but the Doctor's sonic screwdriver tracks it to the upper east side, to the apartment of famous movie star Dorothy Bell and her assistant Vivian.

The Doctor prepares to enter, but is knocked on the back of the head by Cleo, who intends to take the item by force, but the Doctor has already disabled her gun, leading to Vivian subduing her and Dorothy holding both the Doctor and Cleo at gunpoint. Cleo mentions that she's a fan before grabbing her Oscar and knocking Vivian away with it, allowing her to grab Lot 28, which Dorothy wanted to use to become younger. Cleo then turns Vivian into a baby, before shooting the Doctor with it, which retro-regenerates him into his previous incarnation.

Part two[]

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  • Joey Ramone was the leader of the punk rock band the Ramones, which often gave performances at the club CBGB. This club was situated in East Village, far away from the Rockefeller Centre, which the Doctor was trying to get into.
  • The fact the Tenth Doctor reverts back to the Ninth Doctor when his age is regressed implies that the Tenth Doctor has not existed as an incarnation for more than a few years as the quantum harvester was set to revert the targets back by a few decades.

Original print details[]

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