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The Forgotten Army was the thirty-ninth novel in the BBC New Series Adventures series. It was written by Brian Minchin and featured the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.

Publisher's summary[]

Let me tell you a story. Long ago, in the frozen Arctic wastes, an alien army landed. Only now, 10,000 years later, it isn't a story. And the army is ready to attack.

New York — one of the greatest cities on 21st century Earth... But what's going on in the Museum? And is that really a Woolly Mammoth rampaging down Broadway?

An ordinary day becomes a time of terror, as Ice Age creatures come back to life, and the Doctor and Amy meet a new and deadly enemy. The vicious Army of the Vykoid are armed to the teeth and determined to enslave the human race. Even though they're only seven centimetres high.

With the Doctor kidnapped, and the Vykoid army swarming across Manhattan and sealing it from the world with a powerful alien forcefield, Amy has just 24 hours to find the Doctor and save the city. If she doesn't, the people of Manhattan will be taken to work in the doomed asteroid mines of the Vykoid home planet.

But as time starts to run out, who can she trust? And how far will she have to go to free New York from the Forgotten Army?


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  • Trinity Wells makes her first appearance in a Doctor Who novel. The Doctor says that he has never met her, but when she's on the telly, he knows the world is in danger. This paraphrases a quote by Russell T Davies on Doctor Who Confidential.
  • This is a comedic style book.
  • There is much "toilet humour" in this story. Upon awakening, the Mammoth's first act is to defecate, in spite of the fact that it is actually an alien spaceship. Later on, Amy slips in dung, the Mammoth farts (again, ignoring the fact that it is an alien spaceship) and the Doctor says the "asteroid" mines of the Vykroid homeworld are actually excrement of a space-boar, a large animal which fed on the swamps of a planet and grew big enough for space travel.
  • At the end, the Doctor announces their next stop as the Delerium Archive, placing this adventure directly before the television story The Time of Angels.
  • The Doctor makes himself known to Stebbins by using the code "X231 hyphen 19 ten", a code that, according to Stebbins, has been in on record since 1932.
  • According to the Doctor, the restaurant "Big Paulie's Sausages" in June 2010 is the best place in history to eat at, with many species saving up to make the trip to eat there.
  • This story was also released as an ebook available from the Amazon Kindle store.


Editions published outside Britain[]

  • Published in France by Milady in 2012 as a paperback edition.


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