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The Flood was the last regular Eighth Doctor comic strip to be published in Doctor Who Magazine. It saw the reappearance of the Cybermen in the strip, as well as several other people from the strip's history.

It ended with the Eighth Doctor and Destrii still together.


The Doctor and Destrii arrive on Earth to find rain falling on a market place, rain that radically alters emotions. It is a test being conducted by the Future Cybermen...


Part one[]

The Doctor and Destrii arrive in Camden Market, in London, on Earth, in 2005. He is noticed by two MI6 agents. The Doctor and Destrii separate, and while the Doctor sets about browsing and examining the stores, Destrii (with her lack of common interaction with humans) sets about offending everyone, including the owner of a Chinese food stall (called Tony), who soon decides to chase after Destrii when she offends him as well, intent on revenge, his wife Linda warning him to desist, because of his Heart problems. The Doctor and Desrtii soon re-unite, just in time for the Doctor to see the vengeful stall owner being rendered unconscious by Destrii. The Doctor, checking to see if Tony is still in a stable condition, notices his pulse is spiraling out of control, commenting that he's never seen anything like it. The two MI6 agents find the TARDIS, and proceed to tell their superior that all is well, just as a pair of Cybermen emerge from thin air behind them.

Part two[]

The Doctor and Destrii set up amending the problems they've caused, taking the Tony and Linda to "The World's End" pub for a drink. However, they are being listened to by North, another MI6 agent. While the doctor is distracted by more erratic behaviour, North plants a listening device on him and proceeds to walk outside and listen to his conversation. This turns out to be a trap, and Destrii comes up behind him and forces him to sit at the table alongside the doctor and co. While the Doctor examines North's devices, Destrii spots two Cybermen walking amongst citizens in the pub (Who cannot be seen by normal eyesight due to "Refraction shields", however Destrii can see more spectrums of light than humans, and so can spot them). She questions who they are, and upon receiving blank faces (as nobody can see them), she notices they're walking towards her. She picks up North's Taser and fires it at the Cybermen, rendering them visible. The Doctor recognises them, and as everyone flees Tony distracts them. as The Doctor and his friends run into an alley, to get to North's transport, Cybermen enter from both exits, cornering them. The Doctor says he has a plan, and desperately tinkers and tweaks his sonic screwdriver as the Cybermen close in.

Part three[]

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  • This marks the final appearance of the Eighth Doctor in regular comic strip format. His final lines in his comic book tenure are, "No idea. Absolutely no idea! Isn't that fantastic? Anything could be over that hill, Destrii. Anything! C'mon — Let's go and find out..."
  • This comic was originally going to end with the regeneration of the Eighth Doctor, with the BBC approving the plan. However, a condition imposed by the BBC and Russell T Davies (namely, that the Ninth Doctor could not be seen to travel with any companion other than Rose) rendered this unworkable, and the idea was abandoned.
    • Thought was given to a storyline that would have seen Destrii travel with a Doctor who was 'trapped' mid-regeneration, with a flaming head and hidden features that the writers and artists compared to Dormammu of Marvel Comics, but this idea was considered too much effort for too little reward, considering the main purpose of a regeneration storyline was to see how the companions reacted to the new Doctor.
  • This comic story was re-released in The Flood graphic novel.
  • It would not be until DWM Issue 400 in October 2008 that the comic strip would introduce another non-TV, comic strip-only companion in Majenta Pryce.
  • The comic story Hunters of the Burning Stone places this story as occurring in 2005.


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