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The First Sontarans was the sixth release in the third series of The Lost Stories. It provided the Sontarans with an origin story, something which, unlike many of the Doctor's other recurring enemies, had not been provided before. This was only the third full cast audio story to feature the Rutans, the first being the Bernice Summerfield audio story The Bellotron Incident, released in 2003, followed by Castle of Fear in 2009.

Publisher's summary[]

1872. After finding a strange signalling device on the moon, the Doctor and Peri travel to the depths of the English countryside to track down the source of its transmissions. But they're not the first aliens to arrive on the scene.

Old enemies of the Doctor are drawing their battle lines in the forest and the local humans will be lucky to escape the conflagration unscathed.

For hidden within this village is a deadly secret - a secret that could destroy the entire Sontaran race... and reveal the terrible mystery of their creation.


Part one[]

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Part two[]

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Part three[]

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Part four[]

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Cultural references from the real world[]




  • Meredid and Leandra Roath have been on Earth since the early 1860s.



  • The Doctor is able to preserve Leandra's life using the Zero Room.


CD booklet interior artwork.

  • This is the first Big Finish audio drama to feature both the Sontarans and the Rutan Host.
  • Writer Andrew Smith removed all of the Mary Celeste scenes from the original TV script and instead added a reference. According to Smith, when he was originally writing the TV episode, he became highly disturbed when his research about the Mary Celeste turned into him knowing every detail about all the crew who died on the ship.
  • This story was originally released on CD and download.


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