The First Doctor Adventures: Volume Four was a full cast audio anthology released in March 2020 by Big Finish Productions. It was the fourth release of The First Doctor Adventures. It featured David Bradley as the First Doctor.

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4.1 Return to Skaro by Andrew Smith

A new plan to return to Earth actually returns the TARDIS to another place its crew have recently visited - Skaro, home world of the Daleks.

But it is some time after their previous visit. The Thals have moved on with developing their species... Yet the shadow of the Dalek city always looms large over them.

Venturing into the abandoned metropolis, the Doctor and his friends discover the Daleks aren't as dead as they might have thought... and it isn't only their enemies who have secrets.

4.2 Last of the Romanovs by Jonathan Barnes

The TARDIS lands on Earth near to an eerie and familiar house... with the only witness a regal man watching from inside through a broken window.

Leaving the ship the crew immediately find themselves in trouble - because they have landed in Ekaterinburg early in the twentieth century.

The man inside the house is Nicholas, the last Tsar of Russia, imprisoned with his family... and one of the most notorious crimes in history is just about to happen.

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# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
4.1 Return to Skaro Andrew Smith Ken Bentley Susan, Ian, Barbara, Daleks 18 March 2020 BFPDW1STCD04
4.2 Last of the Romanovs Jonathan Barnes Susan, Ian, Barbara, Nicholas II

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