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== External links ==
== External links ==
* {{bigfinish|releases/v/the-fires-of-vulcan-635|The Fires of Vulcan}}; note that it is out of print and is available as download only.
* {{bigfinish|releases/v/the-fires-of-vulcan-635|The Fires of Vulcan}}; note that it is out of print and is available as download only.
* {{dwrefguide|who_bf12.htm|The Fires of Vulcan}}
{{dwrefguide|who_bf12.htm|The Fires of Vulcan}}
* {{tetrap|7/fires.html|The Fires of Vulcan}}
* {{tetrap|7/fires.html|The Fires of Vulcan}}
{{BFA monthly}}
{{BFA monthly}}

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The Fires of Vulcan was the twelfth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. This was the third full story to feature Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor but the first audio story to feature Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush, a role which she last played in the non-canonical Children in Need sketch Dimensions in Time in 1993. This was also writer Steve Lyons' first contribution to an audio story; he has also contributed to a number of novels and short stories.

Publisher's summary

Two thousand years ago, a cataclysmic volcanic eruption wiped the Roman city of Pompeii from the face of the Earth. It also buried the Doctor's TARDIS...

Arriving in Pompeii one day before the disaster, the Seventh Doctor and Mel find themselves separated from their ship and entangled in local politics. With time running out, they fight to escape from the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. But how can they succeed when history itself is working against them?


At an excavation in the ruins of Pompeii in 1980, Professor Scalini informs an officer of UNIT, Muriel Frost, of a remarkable discovery, which turns out to be the Tardis, buried in the remains of an ancient tomb and having been there for nearly 2000 years.

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Vulcan revised

Revised cover art


The Doctor


The Master

  • The Doctor uses his voice to compel a guard and later Popidius into handing over a key and going to sleep, a skill previously demonstrated by the Master.

Earth history

  • According to the Roman calendar, 23 August is the tenth day before the Kalends of September.


The Fires of Vulcan cassette cover with cassettes

Cassette cover and cassettes.


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