The Fifth Doctor Adventures was an audio series by Big Finish Productions that featured adventures starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor.


Special and Bonus Releases[]

Due to Big Finish's 2019 website redesign, stories starring the Fifth Doctor from the Classic Series - Special Releases and Bonus Releases brands were moved to this range.

Title Author Featuring Released
No Place Like Home Iain McLaughlin Erimem, Shayde 9 January 2003
Cuddlesome Nigel Fairs 6 March 2008
Return to the Web Planet Daniel O'Mahony Nyssa, Zarbi December 2007

The Fifth Doctor Adventures[]

The Fifth Doctor Box Set[]

Main article: The Fifth Doctor Box Set
# Title Author Featuring Released
1 Psychodrome Jonathan Morris Adric, Nyssa, Tegan 12 August 2014
2 Iterations of I John Dorney

Wicked Sisters[]

Main article: Wicked Sisters (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
1 The Garden of Storms Simon Guerrier Leela, Abby, Zara 12 November 2020
2 The Moonrakers Leela, Abby, Zara, Sontarans
3 The People Made of Smoke Leela, Abby, Zara

The Lost Resort and Other Stories[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1 The Lost Resort AK Benedict Nyssa, Tegan, Marc, Adric 8 September 2021
2 The Perils of Nellie Bly Sarah Ward Nyssa, Tegan, Marc
3 Nightmare of the Daleks Martyn Waites Nyssa, Tegan, Marc, Daleks

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