The Fifth Citadel was the second audio story in Big Finish Productions' second series of Counter-Measures.

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People are falling ill near Holborn and displaying a sickness with all the hallmarks of radiation poisoning. While Gilmore and Allison look into a graveyard, Sir Toby and Rachel venture underground to meet an old friend with a desperate scheme.

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  • Mrs Pritchard died in 1878.
  • Gilmore and Rachel had dinner together the previous night but she claims that it was "perfectly professional."
  • Gilmore was once posted in Calcutta, India.
  • Gilmore describes Allison as being "as icy as a holiday in Barbados".
  • The citadel was sealed off six months ago.
  • Sir Toby refers to a doctor as a credit to "Mr Bevan", referencing National Health Service founder Aneurin Bevan.

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  • This is the first Counter-Measures audio drama not to feature any science fiction elements.
  • The four citadels - bunkers created in World War II in case of German invasion, which were expanded during the Cold War in case of nuclear attack - existed in real life. In the Behind the Scenes feature, James Goss said he created a fifth so he could set a story there without anybody "writing in to Big Finish saying 'ahhh, it can't be that one'."
  • This story was recorded on 22, 23, 25 and 26 October 2012.

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